Conway's Game of Life

I wrote a pip package called ConwayCPU that runs and displays a modified version of Conway's Game of Life. The rules are modified dynamically according to CPU load, so the automata visually reflect how busy your computer is.

Urban Farming in Claremont, CA

I helped start a 500 square foot urban garden at my house in 2013, using water-conserving drip irrigation.

Geocaching Sounds with Georeverb

Georeverb allowed users to make public audio recordings pinned to their current location. Recordings could be heard only from the location where they were made. Georeverb was on the App Store, but it failed to catch on, and we killed the servers because of cost. Georeverb was another hackathon iOS app, and another collaboration with Sasha Heinen.

Using ML to Discover the Structure of J. S. Bach's Chorales

Christopher White has done some interesting research using computational linguistic methods to characterize the underlying structure of music. In 2013 I replicated a section of his dissertation as a final project for a class. In the project, I use hidden markov models and k-clustering to deduce the functional chord structure of Bach's well known chorale harmonizations.

Asphalt, a Local DJ

In 2013, my friend Sasha Heinen and I worked together to create an iPhone app that uses SoundCloud to find and play music that was created near the user's current location. It's exciting to discover new music and have a tangible, spatial connection with the creator. Asphalt won the Claremont Colleges' Hackathon in Fall 2013.

Computational Geophysics

Over two summers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, I composed gravity data collected by satellite and detailed models of the earth's crust into maps for geophysics research. My final reports are fairly accessible, and contain maps I produced: