Who Chose the Critters' Color?

A playable post on the relationship between life and its environment.

This is a story about critters.

Critters are cute, colorful, and friendly! They have short lives compared to you and me, which they spend wandering around. Here's a critter that's color.

A critter gets its color from its parents.

After two critters bump together, one of them will give birth to a baby critter. This color critter and this color critter will have a color child.

Sometimes baby critters have a surprising color.

These critters are both color, but their child might not be. What color is it?

In the wild, a predator hunts critters.

Critters are cute, but they are also tasty. This beastie brings home critters to feed herself and her children.

Help the hungry beastie gather 150 critters!

In this ??? environment, the critters are ???. At night when they are sleeping, the beastie comes out to hunt. Her children are hungry, and she needs to find 150 critters as fast as possible.

When it gets dark, the beastie will come out. Once you see her, find critters for her by clicking on them with your mouse until the night is over. Then wait until the next night to keep going!

There's more to this story, but you have to finish hunting first.